When it comes to being able to illustrate how to apply time and resources, Kfir Gavrieli easily accomplishes this. As Tieks CEO and founder, Kfir Gavrieli is able to bring forward tremendous impact to the online world. Within his Tieks brand, it distributes women’s flats for ballet. Tieks flats are able to provide great portability, quality, and comfort. Being among the many successful businesses online, Tieks has been able to bring their shoes to the world without having to sacrifice quality or cost.

Since 2010, Tieks has been selling their shoes exclusively online. By offering their exclusive Italian-leather foldable flats online, the world can enjoy them by ordering and receiving them without leaving the house.

Despite this success, Kfir Gavrieli never saw himself as being ordinary. Oftentimes he concentrated on the product launch to create a brand that would become a success. This is what he envisioned with Tieks.

Tieks allowed Kfir to bring his vision to life and having a nice education in business has also permitted him to grow the business. Plus, with so much recognition from the media as one of the most innovative brands today. Tieks has been able to capitalize on their recognition, which has stemmed from many outlets such as Oprah Winfrey, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine.

How Kfir Gavrieli Approaches Business

Kfir Gavrieli believes that the approach towards business needs to be with more than one pair of eyes. Besides taking current work into consideration, the future also needs to be considered. Having a future outlook is an important part of work for Kfir and it has allowed him to create a completely new type of shoe brand that first came to light in 2008.

Being foldable allows Tieks to introduce an innovative flat to an industry that has existed for centuries. With a direct approach to the consumer being new, the sales are able to remain constant. Through constant sales, Tieks also remains a leading lender and always remains as the trend setter. Refer to this article for related information.


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