In a world where business success and altruism often seem like distinct pursuits, Kfir Gavrieli, the CEO and founder of Tieks, breaks the mold. Kfir Gavrieli exemplifies the spirit of using his time, resources, and intelligence to make a meaningful impact on communities worldwide. From revolutionizing the fashion industry to spearheading philanthropic initiatives, his journey showcases the power of compassion, innovation, and dedication.

A Passionate Visionary

Kfir, an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist, stands at the helm of Tieks, a renowned web-only fashion brand celebrated for its exclusive women’s ballet flats. With a keen focus on comfort, quality, and portability, Tieks disrupted the industry by becoming one of the world’s most successful purely online fashion brands. However, Gavrieli’s ambitions went beyond building a successful brand; he aspired to make a meaningful charitable impact.

Empowering Women Through the Gavrieli Foundation

Tieks became the catalyst for Gavrieli’s philanthropic journey, leading to the establishment of the Gavrieli Foundation. Through this foundation, Tieks invests in women’s empowerment at the community level. Collaborating with KIVA, an online platform providing microloans to aspiring entrepreneurs in poverty, the Gavrieli Foundation facilitated over $10,000,000 in microloans, making it KIVA’s largest lender in history. Kfir’s commitment to uplifting women entrepreneurs demonstrates his visionary approach to business and social change.

Acts of Heroism During the Pandemic

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Kfir Gavrieli and Tieks exemplified heroic actions that touched lives and brought communities together. Recognizing the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), Gavrieli swiftly transformed Tieks’ manufacturing facility into a mask-making assembly line. By sewing and donating hundreds of thousands of face masks, Tieks not only protected essential healthcare workers but also mobilized its fans and followers through the historic Operation #SewTogether campaign. This collective effort resulted in over a million masks being sewn and donated nationwide.

A Definition of Heroism

For Kfir Gavrieli, heroes are ordinary individuals who put others ahead of themselves, even in challenging or dangerous circumstances. He acknowledges the immense contribution of medical workers, first responders, and essential workers who embody heroism through their selflessness, dedication, and sacrifices. He believes that acts of heroism serve a higher purpose and ultimately bring fulfillment by helping others. See related link for more information.


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