Establishing a business is one thing and registering next-level growth is another thing altogether. Joseph Ashford is one person who has had a thrilling passion for business growth. Joseph mainly focuses on the growth of small-scale businesses and he normally gives sure-fire tips for their significant growth. The London-based businessman asserts that the use of influencers will significantly help business growth. He advises that influencers promote one’s services and products while the business owner compensates them. The founder of K4 Global however insists that business owners should invest in influencers relevant to their businesses.

Joseph Ashford depicts those businesses offering services or products at a subsidized cost would go a long in creating awareness. He asserts that the majority of people value first-hand experiences before investing in a certain product. The London based entrepreneur asserts that hosting an event is another essential way of strategic marketing. The events that could be either virtual or real can drive buzz and register increased interest in your products. Joseph Ashford asserts that his K4 Global firm is always looking forward to hosting events that resonate with the customer. Joseph is quick to note that hosting an event is more than partying but other aspects such as event design, audio-visual services, and brand building.


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The founder of K4 Global, Joseph Ashford insists that business startups should keenly focus on building networks. Joseph asserts that businesspeople should deliberately cultivate friendships with like-minded entrepreneurs and friends. He explains that it is in these friendships that one gets people who help to advance their businesses. The same people within your network will help spread your services or products. The London based entrepreneur has worked very hard to rise through numerous corporate positions. He has worked as a CEO in some prestigious companies where immensely draws upon the knowledge he acquired.

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