For Joseph Ashford, running a successful company is not only about what he knows. For this businessman, the employees he recruits are as crucial as he is. Ashford is developing leaders throughout Bournemouth whose strengths lie in their willingness to learn.

According to Joseph, there is no lecturing to help them – and he lets them know that upfront. Instead, the goal of assisting clients’ needs people willing to help one another. At K4, that means keeping the company culture intact.

K4 Global, which Ashford founded, is a company that offers a hands-on approach to startup and established companies. They help companies grow, improve margins, find investment opportunities, and manage risks. Some of those industries involve property, technology, media, and service.

In addition to hiring employees at K4 willing to learn, Ashford believes in communicating clearly without mixing in confusing jargon. The employees at K4 Global look for innovative ways to help customers by developing professional relationships, which include a high level of trust. As a legendary leader in the United Kingdom, Ashford knows that when clients are in the mix, he needs the support of every staff member and every layer of the organization – from top to bottom.

Besides maintaining a company culture that respects and teaches, Ashford is committed to global problems and believes in social responsibility. Ashford cares for the environment and shares his knowledge with employees as well. K4 has reduced paper waste in the office by using electronic communication options. Other steps he takes include encouraging public transportation and biking when it makes sense.

Running a company is worthless if the owner is the only one learning and making choices. For Joseph Ashford, developing leaders throughout Bournemouth with the strength to learn and grow is a success to know more click here.