John H. Hailer, Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer of Natixis, a global asset management company headquartered in Paris, which has more than $1 trillion in assets under management and offices in 46 countries. Exec at Natixis John Hailer leads Natixis’s growth strategy, including acquisitions and partnerships with leading financial institutions globally to provide global access to growth markets and enhanced market share opportunities for the company’s products internationally.

Before joining Natixis in September 2007, John Hailer was the President and Chief Executive Officer of HSBC North America Holdings Inc., where he led the global strategy team and was responsible for overall financial results and performance of the North American business.

John Hailer spent more than 20 years at Citicorp, a position he held from 1990 until 2001 as Executive Director and Head of Latin America and President of Citigroup Mexico. Mr. Hailer was responsible for the strategic direction, global organization, and development of Citi’s Mexican subsidiary, including the launch of new markets in Canada and Brazil.

John Hailer oversaw consolidation and growth throughout Latin America, including relationships with leading banks in Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, and other countries. He also served as Citi’s Executive Committee member from 1998 to 2001. In October 2001, Mr. Hailer was named Chairman and CEO of Citi Alternative Investments, the global manager of alternative investments. In this role, he was responsible for Citi Alternative Investments’ strategy and investment activities.

He received many awards throughout his career and was named by “The Boston Globe” one of the “100 Most Influential People in the Financial World“. Mr. Hailer currently sits on the Board of Directors of Citizens Financial Group, Inc., an American financial and banking services corporation with 13.5 million customers, $100 billion in assets, and $30 billion in revenue.