The journey of an entrepreneur is not for the fainthearted. Such is the journey of business expert Jason Hope. When you pursue self-made success, you are embarking on an endeavor that requires drive, determination, and a stubborn streak that is as big as your passion. You might also get some help from mentors along the way; but even if they are well intentioned, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters in your journey to success. 


Hope, a renowned futurist thinker, has learned a lot from his journey as an entrepreneur. He is the founder of multiple companies and a philanthropic initiative that promotes the use of technology. He also works globally as a consultant, advising technology companies on how to transform their businesses. Jason Hope has successfully managed his business and achieved self-made success. Today, we provide an insight behind his own success. He has advice for those seeking self-made success and it is summarized in these 3 steps.


  1. Keep things basic


Jason Hope advises people to break down their ideas into a few essential elements. If you over complicate something, it might be difficult to implement. You’ll have to make a number of changes along the way and it is likely that your vision will become distorted as Jason Hope recalls. Keep your vision simple and avoid any complication that may lead to self-sabotage. Don’t overthink your idea so much that it loses its originality and quality.


As a futurist thinker, Jason Hope seeks truth in simplicity. He looks at complex situations and simplifies them into easily-digestible bits of information.

Jason Hope´s Advice for Entrepreneurs

  1. Try best not to dwell on failures


Based on his own experience, Jason Hope states that you might be tempted to think about where you went wrong but try not to fixate on your mistakes. 


Jason Hope thinks that you can rather use them as opportunities for growth. Failure is inevitable and it becomes a stepping stone on your path to success, so treat it as a learning tool and don’t torture yourself over it.


  1. Don’t obsess over small details


Don’t agonize over the small things, instead look at the bigger picture. It is impossible to take a step forward if you are caught up with small details and need to constantly revise your choices.