The thoughts of a futurology guru Jason Hope can help us all understand the basic importance of the use and art of social media. One interesting phenomena concerning business online is that many companies are spending less time on building and maintaining their websites than they are on the social media sites on which they participate. 


Things are changing so quickly that many people and the business they run are in a quandary about what to do next. Jason Hope fully believes that social media is now even more important than at any time in the past. He advocates that social media are helping businesses across the board grow and flourish. These days so many sites are doing business through direct sales. 


Sites such as Instagram are accumulating large numbers of followers and businesses are making direct sales through their sites. People seem to be willing to trust these sights specifically based on whether or not they have garnered large numbers of followers. The more followers, Jason Hope informs, the more people are willing to trust a site. 

Activist Investor Jason Hope

This results in more sales in distinction of websites where prospective buyers do not have access to the number of followers a business might have. This is the basis of business mentor Jason Hope’s understanding why this seems to be happening. Hope also believes that social media is no longer just a way to connect with friends and relatives (Crunchbase). 


People are using these sites for entertainment and spend almost 3 hours a day on such sites. Users also gain pertinent entertainment and information on these sites adding to the time spent on them. Because most people spend their social media time on personal devices, Jason Hope understands that tends to make access easier for everyone. He believes that this migration to social media is happening so quickly and fully that this concept will only grow.