The world of social media is changing quickly. Once upon a time, social media was designed so we could keep in touch with friends and family from all four corners of the world. Now, it is used for businesses, gaming, and a lot more. Jason Hope, entrepreneur and futurist, shares his thoughts on where he thinks the future of social media will look like. 




Social media will continue to be a necessary lifeline for businesses. Businesses will continue to move away from traditional websites and other means of advertising. Instead, they will focus on their presence on social media outlets. Businesses from all over the world are moving towards building a strong social media presence, as Jason Hope states. The amount of social media users will only continue to increase. Meaning businesses will need to pursue this avenue.


Jason Hope

Where We Go For Entertainment


On average, most people spend over two hours on social media a day, whether to just read posts, watch videos, or to check out the latest cooking trend. Social media is the place to go for entertainment. Whether good or bad, Jason Hope points out, we return to the same sites to get information. Hope believes this trend is only going to continue to grow. Whether we want to learn about the new restaurant in town or watch a cat video, we head straight to our favorite social media platform.


We Have Gone Mobile


It is easy to connect the dots between mobile devices and social media. It is easy for us to take out our phones for a quick scroll or click on an app. Businesses need to stop worrying about web traffic and think about developing user-friendly apps.