Cryptocurrency has become popular over the past few years as a new global trend, but this advancing technology has vast information to learn. Cryptocurrency is a hot topic since Bitcoin’s value depreciated by thirty percent. The value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies dropped after a statement released by the Chinese Banking Association on its website restricting the use of digital currencies on financial institutions because of their volatility. Most believe this is the end of the crypto business, but Jason Hope, a futuristic thinker, believes in a different perception. For him, Blockchain technology is constantly evolving, and Bitcoin’s sudden drop in value is part of the evolution. Jason believes that cryptocurrency is changing and will change upcoming businesses. Here is why he thinks the Crypto market has a future.


Crypto’s Promise on eCommerce

Up to now, the soaring market of eCommerce needs digital currencies now more than ever all around the world. Cryptocurrencies offer eCommerce sites low online transactional fees to customers and businesses making transactions with crypto coins rather than credit cards. According to Jason Hope’s research, cryptocurrencies transactions have minimal fees of less than one percent.


Activist Investor Jason Hope


When transacting with credit card companies, customers incur a fee of three to four percent on every purchase. Lower transaction fees on cryptocurrencies will be a tremendous game-changer for eCommerce businesses.


Secure Online Transactions

According to Jason Hope, businesses will soon need secure and safe online transaction systems to retain their loyal and potential clients. People are currently in need of the system but cannot get the solution. Adopting digital currencies will eliminate the high level of fraud.


Enhance Future Investing

Jason Hope as a futuristic thinker, has a different perspective on how digital currencies will give entrepreneurs more investment opportunities. This is due to the fact that digital currencies are used all around the world. According to Jason Hope, traditional fundraising techniques are no longer the best option to acquire funding. Companies with massive growth abilities can gain more with cryptocurrency investments in this era.