Haroldo Jacobovicz was conceived in Brazil by parents who were both civil engineers.  While he initially followed in their tracks, studying civil engineering for four years and a half at the Federal University of Paraná, he soon discovered that he was more interested in evolving information technologies. Haroldo Jacobovicz is a businessman and investor who started working in the digital economy in Curitiba for over thirty years, founding three companies: e-Governe Group, Horizons Telecom, and Horizons Datacenter. The above companies were created to carry together all the best strategic assets, talented employees, and engineering skills to resolve information systems troubles through the use of the most creative solutions.

These businesses’ influence on the public and private sectors has significantly changed markets across Curitiba, Brazil. Horizons’ many benefits include the most advanced technology on the market, a 100% fiber connection, and inter backup systems. It has grown to be one of Brazil’s most reputable communication service providers since its founding in 2010.

Haroldo started reading anything he could get his hands on about the technology in journals and publications because he was fascinated by the game-changing innovations that shaped the world. While success played a role in business, he understood that expertise and perseverance were vital to building something that would last.

He wasted no time entering the information technology field, persuading three friends with extensive experience in it to found Microsystem well before graduating. Even though their commodity, a tool to help businesses automate their cash and management system, would be widely used today, when it was released, people were not yet prepared to adapt to the future of mechanization.

Only one year later, Microsystem would go out of business. But Haroldo’s vision was unaffected by this early failure. Even though the general public might not have been prepared for the future of information technology at the time, he was even more confident that it would soon have a significant impact on society. Haroldo discovered that the small businesses he tried to sell digitization to were the wrong target market. Exxon Mobil identified the enormous potential in this Brazilian engineer’s ideas as other large corporations began to realize the future potential of these technologies. He was chosen from a group of more than 200 engineers. He rose swiftly through the ranks to hold the director of new business and commercial strategy position at the company’s Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, headquarters.

Read: https://www.curitiba.pr.gov.br/noticias/instituto-haroldo-jacobovicz-e-o-novo-parceiro-do-mesa-solidaria/65189