Since its establishment in 2013, the main objective of the IM Academy has been to provide an accessible online platform for forex education through a subscription model. The training is easily accessible and engaging, enabling forex enthusiasts to acquire relevant skills in forex trading.

The corporation with its headquarters in New York has constantly grown and taken over international markets. Registration of firms in the IM Academy also takes place in countries where the law allows or there is risk management and tax advantage. After eight years of operation, the organization’s membership has grown with approximately 225,000 members.

The IM Academy offers various products, and academies happen to be the primary product. The academies comprise four specific modules accessible on the academy’s website through a referral or an IBO. There are several informational videos and interactive goLive sessions for every module that allow the students to engage more during their learning.

These interactive sessions make it easy to learn and acquire forex skills. After watching the videos, it becomes easy for the students to apply the technique in their actual trading sessions. Through these videos, the learners understand how forex trading works while working at their own pace. During the goLive sessions, the students interact more with forex trading as they work hands-on with the idea captured in every video.

These goLive sessions are in thirteen different languages where the programs run at varying times to accommodate the students in different time zones. The sessions allow the learners to directly interact with the IM educators.

Mostly, the session lasts for an hour where students can ask questions and interact with the educators. Forex learners in IM can access a library consisting of pre-recorded video modules for every academy. IM also has a mobile app that the students can use to access the pre-recorded videos. See related link for more information.


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