About Hughes Marino

Hughes Marino is a firm that represents buyers and tenants for all kinds of services involving business and corporate management. Thes specialize in planning and design, construction management, auditing, and project management. They are located in San Diego, California, and have completed many projects. 


They are proud to be named one of the best workplaces in the nation by Fortune. They state they have no conflict of interest and are all about confidentiality. They are backed by their expert auditors, attorneys, managers, and the like. Hughes Marino also believes in giving back to the community by supporting various non-profits. 


Hughes Marino on being back to the office

Up to now, the buyer and tenant representation firm believes going back to the office does not need to be a drag. 


They have office locations all across the states in the US and want to make use of all the space and do so. They believe they have met people’s feedback by offering a 4-day in-person work week. One of the days will serve as remote work. The Hughes Marino company is glad to put the pandemic behind them and go back to how things were previously. 


The company believes it vital to interact with everyone together while at the office and work as a team. Hughes Marino representation firm and other businesses believe people are more productive at the office than remotely, which is why many have had people return to work. They state many of the biggest employers like Disney, Goldman Sachs, and Google have followed swiftly with a minimum of 3 days at the office to 4 days. Hughes Marino is glad to see things back to normal post-pandemic.