Yubo is a live social discovery app that has become the most popular among Gen-Zers. Unlike other online platforms that focus on a person’s popularity and likes, it focuses on user social interactions in a traditional way. The app aims to have a fun and safe virtual space where users can make friends and interact with them in different settings like games, live streams, and chats.

With technological advancements, many youths spend most of their time on their phones, reducing traditional social interactions. Yubo is dedicated to making it easy for its users to expand their online social circles with friends globally.

That makes creating a community of people with the same interests and goals easy, making interactions more fun. These characteristics have made it a haven for users looking for genuine connections and not interested in likes, posting filtered photos or videos, and fake posts.

Another thing that makes Yubo so popular is its commitment to enhancing safety for its young users. It is the first online platform to verify the ages of all its users to help reduce bots, catfishes, and fake accounts. Yubo also listens to its users, making it easier and more effective to curate personalized experiences on the app.

They demonstrated that through their recent international poll in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. The poll determined whether the insights seen repeatedly about Gen Z users, plus their views on marriage, parenthood, the economy, etc., are reflected among the platform’s global user base.

99% of the platform’s users are between 13 and 25 years. The survey results determined that despite the current social and financial stresses, Gen-Zers have an optimistic and traditional view of the future.

They are also deeply invested in social causes and believe that despite inflation challenges, they will afford a home in the future. Surveys like that help Yubo understand its demographic, making its platform more reliable for authentic online connections.