Warrior Trading’s Ross Cameron is remarkable for a YouTube influencer, what with the financial mentoring he has delved into as well as the various blogs and books he created. When he isn’t involved in educating on trading, he spends time with his family or does homemade maple syrup, the latter influencing a video on his channel:


The Truth About Why Most Day Traders Lose Money, on comparing his whole and full past experience making the threat to learning how trading works. Ross Cameron’s path to becoming a day trader began in his preteens when he first heard of his uncle’s success in the stock market. 


He later attended a discussion on the DotCom bubble during a trip to NYC. He would later make his very first trading account a few years later while still attending high school, where the trading expert added a $1,000 fund while he bought shares from Exxonmobil and Pfizer. Successful business leader Ross Cameron would also begin his career as a teacher when trading wasn’t a priority.

Trading Expert Ross Cameron

When it comes to his return to the stock market, he began Warrior Trading in 2012, which originally began as a blog that broke down the experience he built up in day trading (Tirekickers). 


The site grew to the point where it was able to serve as a starting point for anyone similar to the same job he has. From turning $583.15 into $10 million dollars to adapting to his financial recovery during the pandemic, the leader is an example of a day trader who understands how to invest in stocks without running into any pitfalls. This is a trait Ross Cameron passes on to his students learning the same programs he runs in his classes or on his YouTube channel.