Mirabaud is a Swiss private bank that has been in operation for over 185 years. The company is headquartered in Geneva and specializes in asset management and private banking services. It has a long history of supporting the arts, which they continue to do through its Mirabaud Group Foundation. The foundation was created in 2006 with the aim of promoting and supporting cultural projects.

One of the foundation’s main objectives is to make art more accessible to a wider audience. To do this, they support various initiatives such as exhibitions, educational programs, and publications. Mirabaud also offer financial assistance to artists and organizations working in the field of contemporary art. This includes grants for specific projects as well as general support for art organizations.

Another important aspect of the foundation’s work is to promote sustainable development in the arts. This includes supporting projects that focus on environmental protection, social inclusion, and gender equality. For example, Mirabaud has supported an initiative to create an eco-friendly theater in Geneva. They have also provided financial assistance to a number of organizations working to promote gender equality in the arts.

The foundation’s work is important not only for the arts but also for society as a whole. By promoting accessibility and sustainability, they are helping to ensure that art can continue to thrive and be enjoyed by everyone. Also, by supporting initiatives that focus on social inclusion and environmental protection, they are positively impacting the world around us.

Research done showed that in 2017, the foundation contributed a total of CHF 500,000 to cultural projects. This is just a small part of the over CHF 18 million that the Mirabaud Group has donated to charitable causes since it was founded. It’s clear that it is committed to supporting the arts and making sure that art remains accessible and sustainable. Read more about Mirabaud, here.


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