Jason is CEO and chairman of Hughes Marino, a buyer and tenant representation firm that provides various financial services such as project management, culture consulting, and lease restructuring. That said, Jason has left a huge impact on the industry and has made a big name for himself in a relatively short time with his brilliant management and decision-making skills.


Developing Winning Strategies


Having graduated from the University of San Diego and Pepperdine University, he was prepared for his role in representing a variety of elite clients in tens of thousands of various projects. This helped him to prove his skill and led to bigger deals and more lucrative contracts going forward.


Hughes Marino Property Advisory Services


Providing top-level clients with solutions to help their businesses thrive, Hughes Marino representation firm is the culmination of knowledge, and insight. This allows them to make intelligent decisions when it comes to leasing, buying, and selling property.


Tenant and Buyer Services – Ensure the best outcome for your project with an evaluation from Hughes Marino.


Program, Project, and Construction Management – The buyer and tenant representation firm will assist in constructing the best facility that will help you accomplish your project goals.


Hughes Marino Profile Lease Administration and Advisory Services – Every detail of your project is handled by subject matter experts for the best results every time.


Jason’s Vision


Jason wants to provide value to every client he takes on. In his role as CEO at Hughes Marino, he makes sure that all clients receive the top-level service they expect and that the best minds in the business handle their projects.