Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream is a Pizza parlor chain located in America and based in Bettendorf, Iowa. Is one of America’s favorite pizza and ice cream parlors. An interesting fact is that the founder, together with other people came up with the name “Happy Joe”.


This was the street name for its principal founder, Lawrence Joseph Whitty, who established it in 1972. The chain has roots in various parts across the Western and Southern parts of the US and the Middle East. Lawrence came up with the idea for Happy Joe’s for the American pizza parlor from the vision of a combined pizza parlor and ice cream palace. 


Interestingly, Lawrence came up with this chain due to being disciplined for holding a birthday party for a child while serving Shakey’s Pizza as a manager. The Happy Joe’s restaurant became the preferred birthday party destination, and people had a soft spot for it due to its appealing taco pizza and the joegurt. 


Furthermore, the chain grew its roots in Egypt, establishing a boat-shaped station on the Nile River in Cairo, Egypt. The chain also successfully operates in North Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Lowe’s home state, etc. Happy Joe’s never becomes a bore due to their timely and lucrative offers to their customers and society (Facebook). 


For instance, the chain has planned Happy Joe’s holiday parties for special needs kids, which they have set for December 6 and 7. After two years, the restaurant has planned to host a party for the special needs kids at the Davenport, Lowa, particularly at the Vibrant Arena at the Mark. The Happy Joe´s chain also welcomes RSVP to volunteer and any monetary assistance dearly. For this, and many other charitable works, you ought to commend Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice cream.