Yubo, the world’s leading online shopping platform, is marking Safer Internet Day 2023 on February 7 with a new campaign focusing on in-app safety and partnerships with NGOs to protect against child sexual abuse. This is part of Yubo’s commitment to improving overall user experience and security on its site. Generation Z, born after 1995, is growing up in a digital world where they can easily access videos promoting child abuse. As they get older, they continue to experience online dangers. Yubo’s new campaign aims to ensure that this generation has a safe and secure environment online to learn how to use the Internet responsibly. Young users in the United States, France, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and South Africa have joined the campaign.

Yubo’s live social discovery service was created for Generation Zers, which includes teenagers. Yubo, a social media app geared towards teenagers and young adults, has an industry-leading age-verification system. This helps keep younger users safe from online predators. Yubo’s 100% User Age Verification Requirement puts full responsibility on customers to verify the age of users. Customers can use their cameras and show proof of age before they enter the app. The social media app made the process easy and simple, so users don’t need to provide any documentation.

The platform’s unique controls will allow Yubo to reach and educate more than 100 million users worldwide. The campaign will be visible in the app, using catchy and eye-catching imagery to grab everyone’s attention. The campaign is integrated with Yubo’s API, allowing NGOs to display their content in the app to spread awareness and reach more people. Yubo wants to provide better online safety for its users. They’ve partnered with experts to help them figure out the best ways to protect their users from cyberbullying, online predators, and other dangers. Safety Boards such as National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Thorn, INTERPOL, and The Diana Award will be able to display their safety tips and content in the app, targeting people from US and Canada.