Greycoat Real Estate has managed to provide a modicum of good news to a client base that can sorely use it. The agency has recently signed off on a series of optimistic forecasts that seem destined to calm the mood of a fidgety public. Of course, with events in the city of London being as they are, the news can’t be all good. 


But it marks a welcome change. As Greycoat Real Estate agency and others have noticed, the issue has been with a drop in home prices. This is a housing trend that causes owners of homes to sit on their properties rather than trying to offload them. 


At the same time, possible home buyers are not getting the properties they wish to buy. In the property market, the result is an impasse that no one is happy with. For Greycoat, the bottom line seems to be that the Bank of England will soon do what it has been threatening to do for quite some time. 


Greycoat real estate agency adds that this will be to cut the base rate by the second half of 2024. The result may well be a higher level of demand. This may be equated to a much stronger economic forecast. This may be what starts to drive house prices up again.

It should be noted that no agency, even one as storied as Greycoat Real Estate Agency, is bound to have all of the answers. However, it is well worth following the agency on the web and elsewhere. Doing so can provide a wealth of valuable insights.