Greycoat real estate agency specialists explain how there has been a rise in purchases in London as buyers seek to take advantage of good prices. There has been a rental rate decrease, 5% more houses were sold in August than in July. Buyers seem to have come to terms with the mortgage rates and buying more in a slow sales market.


Competition has increased due to an increase in mortgage products. Buyers have taken notice and are keen to buy homes. While buyers are keen to buy homes, homeowners who want to sell are delaying and instead choosing to rent on a short and long-term basis. And Greycoat explains why.


This has caused a 10% decrease in properties that are for sale. The successful and reliable Real Estate agency understands why some people may not want to put their home up for sale at this time, but while sellers hesitate, demand from buyers is high. 


But the Greycoat real estate agency explains about other factor. The demand for homes outweighs sellers that are willing to sell. Demand had also motivated sellers to be unwilling to accept price reductions.


However, the demand for properties is great and has caused people to be more flexible in their approach to owning a home. Greycoat finally adds how buyers are playing a waiting game in order to find a home at the right price and are willing to compromise on the location and size of a house.