Gino Pozzo was raised in Udine, Italy. His family was very involved in the local football community. In 1986, his father used profits from his business in tool-making to purchase the local Udinese club. It was going through a period of financial difficulty and the family was passionate about its success. Because of the Pozzo family’s management, the club rose from the Serie B division to the Championship League within three seasons.

Gino earned a Master’s degree from Harvard University and moved to Spain with his wife. In 2009, the Pozzo family purchased the struggling Granada FC and turned the team’s fortunes around within two years. Gino is especially enthusiastic about the future of English football. In 2012, he led the purchase of Watford Football Club. He shocked onlookers when he made sixteen new signings right after becoming the owner.

However, he demonstrated his commitment to the team by moving to London with his wife and three children. While working nearby, he kept abreast of the team’s daily progress and visited the club’s training grounds daily. Gino Pozzo continued to invest in the team by recruiting players and upgrading Watford club’s training facilities and stadium. Within four years, Watford had risen from the Fourth Division to the Premier League.

To Gino, football club management is all about passion and commitment. Gino has been hailed as the family’s mastermind and a revolutionary thinker among football club owners in Europe. He believes that football club owners should be flexible in their vision for the teams, especially as they move up divisions. He is quick with new signings and player trades between the Pozzo family’s three European teams. Gino Pozzo also consciously builds an infrastructure that is never reliant on any one individual. He takes a pragmatic approach, realizing that players and coaches will come and go and that it’s important to preserve internal knowledge and protect the club by continually incubating new talent. See this article for more information.


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