When the father of Gino Pozzo purchased the Udinese sports club in 1986 with profits from his woodworking business, it began a legacy that still stands strong. Currently, he owns the Watford Football Club in England, continuing to follow the passion his father had years ago.

From Financial Pain To a Champions League

The Udinese purchase stemmed from a passion for football and the financial problems the club was going through at the time. However, the challenges would be gone in three short seasons, and the club would be in the Champions League. The experience gained during this time taught the Pozzo family much, which would later be a significant factor in helping the Watford Club succeed.

Gino Pozzo Plays a Significant Role in Helping Football Clubs Win

While the Udinese club did well shortly after being purchased by Gino’s father, consistency is critical in football. When Gino Pozzo took a role in the operation in 1993, he implemented a scouting-driven club ownership model that was instrumental in turning them around. In 2009, the Pozzo family helped another club succeed by purchasing Granada. Under the guidance of Gino Pozzo, Granada moved from Segunda B to the Primera Liga in two short years and for the first time in 35 years.

Turning Around the Watford Club

In 2012, the Pozzo family purchased the Watford club. Similar to the Udinese and Granada clubs, it was struggling financially. However, to ensure success, Gino Pozzo moved his family to London so that he could immerse himself in the club’s operations. Once there, he quickly got to work, and his efforts paid off, taking Watford from the Fourth Division to the Premier League in just four years.

Using a Bold Approach

Most of the success of these clubs is due to the recruitment model implemented by Gino. While considered unorthodox, it has successfully turned each club around. With a consistent system for signing and developing players and the long-term commitment of the Pozzo family, the future is bright for Watford. Refer to this article to learn more.


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