Even though they both had full-time jobs, Warren’s parents were always looking for new opportunities to boost their income to alleviate their constant stress over the family’s financial situation. One possibility was establishing a trailer park, which would provide additional financial support for the family. Warren’s dad took up the job of delivering newspapers for a time.

“Even though it required him to wake up at 2:30 in the morning, my father never complained when he had to roll papers and secure them with rubber bands. He enjoyed the peace that those hours provided him. Unfortunately, I had to get up and assist him with the deliveries regularly,” Kelcy Warren, Energy Transfer Partners CEO noted.

When Warren was 12 years old, he first started doing odd jobs. Hay was one of his loads, and he also worked at a petrol station for a buck and a half an hour. When Warren was an adult, he began working in fields connected to the oil industry. He was a crew member that fixed leaks in oilfields, worked as an assistant welder, built pipelines, and maintained telephone lines.

In addition, Kelcy Warren was a lineman responsible for maintaining telephone connections. When Warren was a teenager, his father insisted he gets a job and starts saving. Warren’s primary objective was to achieve academic success, and he was able to do so. When Warren asked his guidance counselor in high school what job he might obtain with a four-year degree that paid the most, the counselor recommended that Warren major in engineering.

Kelcy Warren used the money he had saved up throughout his teenage years to pay for his education. He said: “I had grown up in a protected environment and a community where I was recognized.” “My parents were always aware of whatever wrongdoing I committed within five minutes of it occurring. But there were a lot of leeways given to me at school. I failed the course after the first year since it was abundantly clear that I didn’t know how to handle the circumstance.”

When Kelcy Warren interacts with young people, he encourages them to be truthful with themselves and to speak their minds. He thinks maintaining a healthy balance in one’s life is vital. “It isn’t enough to offer enough hours at the office and overlook other essential elements of one’s life when one is ambitious. My life is still in progress, and I’m still working on maintaining a healthy balance. I’ve witnessed good progress in the last ten years, ” Warren noted.

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