Machine intelligence may help navigate economic uncertainty and achieve success. ElectrifAi is a major machine learning software startup situated in the United States that serves Large multinational or rather Fortune 500 and mid-sized businesses.Their main focus is in the area of automotive, retail sales, and manufacturing.

According to ElectrifAi CEO Edward Scott, the company’s machine learning platform is unique because it has been designed from the ground up to deal with uncertainty. This robustness to uncertainty is achieved by a deep neural network architecture that operates directly on probabilities without having to perform any sort of numerical integration over outcomes or have any notion of causal structure encoded into it. ElectrifAi approach leads to a predictive engine that can handle sparse data and deal with unknown variables which makes it suitable for business problems involving uncertainty.

Machine Learning’s Strategic Advantages

To handle this complicated environment, machine learning software solutions can swiftly enable the C-suite to transform their data to strategic assets. It’s a question of gathering data, cleaning, and implementing machine learning to provide insights that will help manage the difficulties and enhance  business.  A machine learning engine can be trained to learn from the relationships in data, which for business is monumental.

Companies that add machine learning to their software portfolio will not only enjoy the strategic advantages that this flexible technology provides, but they will also increase efficiency and reduce costs. The cost of making a mistake can be very high in the traditional environment. There’s a lot of regulatory pressure on companies. There’s also the pressure of liability and lawsuits.

Certain jobs that are now carried out by humans can be mechanized using computer vision, natural language processing and deep learning artificial intelligence. The jobs that remain will be done faster, better, cheaper and more safely than before.