Edgard Gomes Corona’s journey from engineering graduate to the visionary founder of Bio Ritmo and Smart Fit is a story of resilience and innovation in the fitness industry.

As the COO of Açucareira Corona, Edgard demonstrated remarkable business acumen, revitalizing the family business with modern management practices. However, his true calling was in the fitness sector, leading him to establish Bio Ritmo Academia in 1996.

Despite initial challenges, Edgard’s unwavering determination and strategic vision turned Bio Ritmo into a success, with the opening of a branch in Avenida Paulista catering to time-strapped professionals.

In 2008, Edgard’s entrepreneurial spirit reached new heights with the inception of Smart Fit. This groundbreaking gym chain disrupted the traditional fitness model by offering affordable services and standardized facilities, making fitness accessible to a broader audience.

Under Edgard’s guidance, Smart Fit rapidly expanded its presence across Latin America, becoming one of the largest sports gym networks globally. The company’s remarkable growth and success were further solidified with its IPO on the B3 stock exchange in 2021. Edgard Corona’s impact extended beyond his business ventures. As an investor on Shark Tank Brasil, he has provided valuable mentorship and support to aspiring entrepreneurs, contributing to the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Edgard’s legacy as a pioneer in the fitness industry continues to inspire entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts alike. His unwavering commitment to transforming the fitness landscape and promoting a healthier lifestyle has left a lasting impression on communities throughout Latin America.