The steps to success in business today are not easy. It takes quite a bit of drive and determination to come out on top of any industry. Edgard Corona knows this more than most leaders. He built his company called Smart Fit one step at a time. It has been a labor of love for him and he has not looked back. He wants to be able to pass on the lessons that he learned to the next generation so they can have success too. They can look at him as a role model, and they know they can succeed if they put their minds to it.

Edgard Corona started his company from the ground up. He was involved in a skiing accident that required him to get physical therapy. This is what gave him the motivation to start Smart Fit. He was able to realize that he had an opportunity in his hands. He had to do something about it. He did not want to sit on the sidelines, and wonder what could be in his future. He wanted to take action. This is exactly what he did. He was able to tap into a niche that people could get some exercise in a small amount of time.

Edgard Corona knows that he has made some mistakes along the way. That is par for the course. He knows how to get things going and make it a success. He knows that connecting with people all across Mexico can make a positive impact in their lives. He likes seeing people have success in their own ways when it comes to their physical well being. In big and small ways he has made a dfference in the lives of many people. He has become a success in business, and knows it.