Don Manifold of Adelaide is a CEO and Entrepreneur who has been involved in the technical side of the industry for his entire career, from being a software developer to Chief Technology Officer.

Don Manifold of Adelaide is passionate about technology and business. Over the years, he has been a CEO or founder of companies that provide software development, IT services, and IoT solutions to global customers. Don is now working with start-ups as an advisor to help them build businesses and develop their technologies.

His Achievements

Don’s first significant achievement was starting a software development company at 17. He wrote the first version of an accounting system for small businesses, which he sold before he was 21.

Don’s second significant achievement included creating a world-class software application for managing real estate transactions. This application has been used by thousands of global companies, including some of the largest in Australia and New Zealand.

Don Manifold of Adelaide is currently an advisor in a range of successful start-ups. His involvement covers the early seed stage, mentoring, and supporting founders through to being part of the development team once their company is up for sale or acquisition.

Don is an active member of the Innovation Association of Australia and has been a finalist in their annual innovation awards. Don regularly delivers presentations on technology, business, and entrepreneurship to corporate audiences.

Don has been involved in building and selling software companies and leveraging software technologies to help his customers to operate more profitably. He has also participated in several successful exits and has significant experience in acquisitions and the technologies that underpin the global business community.

Don is a strategic thinker who can understand technology, market trends, and business processes, and he applies this knowledge to help clients make better decisions. He works with start-ups, helping them develop their technology into businesses.

Don is passionate about software development and the technologies which enable businesses to be more efficient. He loves sharing his technology, business, and entrepreneurship knowledge with others.