The Colcom Foundation has long been a positive force for education concerning the state of the environment. Since its founding by Cordelia S. May, it has been involved in a great deal of publicly acclaimed activity. The Foundation was founded to better the state of affairs in western Pennsylvania. Its reach has ultimately expanded far beyond that.

It should be known by the public that the Colcom Foundation makes no bones about its purpose. As Cordelia S. May once announced, human overpopulation has been a major cause for concern. The stress and strain that this phenomenon places on the planet are too much to be ignored. It has led to a great many negative events that are cause for concern.

Colcom Foundation got a huge impetus from the fact that Cordelia S. May was such an advocate for family planning. This was an issue that she had recognized the importance of even so early as the age of 23. As this was years before the founding of her group, it can clearly be seen that the issue was one that played a major role in its planning.

However, there are plenty of other issues that command center stage at any modern event that is planned by the Colcom Foundation. These include emphasis on making people aware of the impact of global warming. Western Pennsylvania is a region of the planet that has unleashed more than its expected share of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The Foundation understands the importance of protecting and connecting greenspace in southwestern Pennsylvania. To this end, they support projects such as Hollow Oak Land Trust, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s Revolving Fund, WeConservePA and Westmoreland Land Trust.

The role of the Colcom Foundation remains the same as when it was first created. This is to educate people about the many ways in which they can work to sustain the planet. The more they know about these methods, the easier the task will be. This is education that can help to secure our future. Follow this page on Instagram, for additional information.


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