DSI is a leading provider of innovative inventory management solutions, and they’ve just partnered with Salesforce to offer seamless integration of their cloud inventory solutions into the CRM suite. Salesforce users can now implement Field Inventory Management to integrate field captured, accurate data on equipment, tools, and inventory involved in service work orders and tickets.

Salesforce’s Field Inventory is a mobile CRM that allows companies to track their inventory, tools, and labor. Businesses can streamline customer service with an efficient real-time response to customer demand with this data. Salesforce customers can issue service orders and track the inventory, tools, and labor involved using a mobile application accessible on a device. Field technicians can complete or update the status of a work order using this application.

Manufacturing Materials highlights cloud based solutions — the first solution to bring real-time, accurate visibility into the state, location, and authenticity of inventory at all points in the manufacturing supply chain. By using cloud technology, inventory tags, and scanners (either handheld or fixed), manufacturers can track every part from start to finish, providing increased efficiency and reduced cycle times.

Cloud Inventory products revolutionizes the manufacturing industry with a complete suite of mobile applications. Built to meet a variety of needs, including discrete manufacturing, inventory replenishment for production processes, and Kanban and Kitting, its apps give leaders access to complete real-time data that facilitates faster resolution to issues affecting workflow and minimal disruption to the business. Cloud Inventory offers a complete solution for manufacturing businesses.

Warehouse Inventory provides on-demand inventory control and real-time monitoring. With our mobile-first apps, items can easily be tracked in the warehouse or yard. The solution is cloud-based, connecting to your existing database with low-code Cloud Inventory applications. With the help of our inventory app, it’s possible to see everything, everywhere. Whether it’s in your warehouse or yard, you can always spot it with our app.

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