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Chichi Eburu was born in New Jersey, where she attended Dwight Morrow High School. Her family moved to Brooklyn, New York, when she was twelve years old after her mother relocated with her husband from Jamaica. Ebury’s passion for fashion began at an early age when she would observe the fashion-forward styles of celebrity fashion stylist Claudia McCormick, who was a mentor of Eburu’s parents. Chichi Eburu became a fan of Juvias Place and started shopping for Juvania clothing and accessories at the company store in 2005. She credits her style to Juvias Place, stating that the company’s accessories, shoes, and apparel all enhance her look. Eburu is one of the rapper’s fans who attended their concert in New York City. She was a co-owner of an eyewear boutique in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, called “Gwynnie,” which closed in 2012. She is pursuing a master’s degree in sociology at Ohio State University while working as a business analyst at CNBC.

Eburu has received several awards, including The Black Leader Awards‘ Outstanding Young Person Award and the Womenswear Designer of the Year Award from the Fashion Group International (FGI).