hIn today’s fast-paced world where the line between genuine societal contributions and public relations stunts is increasingly blurry, Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel‘s pursuit of global positive change is a refreshing case study. It’s a narrative not just of business success but also of leveraging that success for global betterment.

If there’s one thing Silicon Valley tech giants and global conglomerates can learn from Jameel, it’s the potent combination of entrepreneurial energy with a relentless drive for global good. By age 29, this scion of the Jameel family had not only ascended the corporate ladder of Abdul Latif Jameel, one of the world’s mega-businesses, but also began channeling the company’s vast resources into substantive societal change.

Let’s dive a bit into this. Abdul Latif Jameel’s growth trajectory closely mirrors the tech giants of the West. Starting from a seemingly trivial association – purchasing four Toyota vehicles in 1955 – to becoming a global behemoth with operations spanning more than 30 nations. Much like how a startup evolves into a tech giant, the company’s journey showcases smart decision-making, seizing opportunities, and building on strengths.

Jameel’s tech counterpart would be the visionary tech leaders we revere. But unlike many, he has given equal emphasis to ethical business practices. The family’s mantra, as Jameel mentions, is a blend of “respect, improve, pioneer, and empower.” It’s not just a catchy tagline but integrated into their operational DNA.

Enter Community Jameel, the company’s social enterprise arm, embodying this philosophy. Imagine a tech mogul creating a platform not for profits, but for scaling global positive impact. Community Jameel, under Jameel’s watch, is a testament to what corporations can achieve beyond balance sheets.

Recent strides by Community Jameel are case in point. Just in the first quarter of 2018, it fostered an 18% surge in job opportunities in Saudi Arabia and bolstered the arts by championing artists like Alia Farid and Aseel AlYaqoub.

However, here’s where Jameel distinguishes himself from many in the tech industry: he’s not about isolated projects but holistic growth. Take, for instance, Art Jameel’s impending launch of Hayy: Creative Hub – an incubator designed specifically to harness and showcase Saudi talent.

With numbers boasting of more than 836,000 job opportunities and touching the lives of millions, Jameel’s impact cannot be overstated. His endeavors, a blend of modern entrepreneurial acumen and profound societal commitment, offer lessons for leaders across sectors.