Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is a non-profit legal organization that protects religious freedom, free speech, and the sanctity of life. With a strong belief in the fundamental rights enshrined in the United States Constitution, ADF has defended these liberties for over 25 years.

Alliance Defending Freedom has championed countless cases that have significantly impacted the preservation of religious freedom. The dedicated attorneys at ADF are committed to protecting the rights of individuals, churches, and Christian organizations who face legal challenges due to their deeply held beliefs.

ADF’s mission is rooted in its belief that everyone should be free to live out their faith without fear of discrimination or persecution. Through strategic litigation, advocacy, and training, Alliance Defending Freedom has been able to provide legal support to those who have been unjustly targeted for their religious beliefs.

ADF also works tirelessly to protect the rights of students on college campuses. They have litigated numerous cases where students were denied their First Amendment rights, such as the right to free speech or the right to form faith-based organizations. Through their efforts, ADF has empowered students to stand up for their beliefs and ensure that universities uphold these fundamental freedoms.

The impact of Alliance Defending Freedom’s work extends far beyond the courtroom. They offer legal training and resources to equip attorneys, pastors, and individuals to defend their faith in their communities. Through initiatives like the ADF Church Alliance, they provide churches with legal support and guidance to navigate the ever-changing legal landscape.

ADF is an organization committed to protecting religious freedom and defending the fundamental rights of individuals and organizations. With their team of dedicated attorneys and strategic approach to litigation, ADF has made a significant impact on preserving these liberties. Their work protects the rights of those facing legal challenges and empowers individuals and communities to stand firm in their faith. Visit this page for additional information.


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