Krishen Iyer is an alumnus of SDSU’s Public Administration program. He leveraged his unwavering ambition and strong work ethic to build MAIS Consulting in Encinitas into the successful venture it is today. He has achieved remarkable success with this company through sheer determination and relentless commitment.


After college, business expert and mentor coach Krishen Iyer took the plunge and launched MNP Insurance (Name my Premium). His business flourished so much that it was named one of Inc. 5000’s successful companies in 2015 – an incredible achievement. After the successful launch of MNP Insurance, Iyer moved forward to found and manage Managed Benefit Services (MBS), formerly known as Quick Link Marketing. 


This new venture is beneficial in offering support for its clients so they can acquire more leads for their companies. Managed Benefits Services is an insurance agency and marketing business with a license to help your company identify leads of exceptional value for any target audience. Krishen Iyer explains that through their exhaustive analysis process, MBS will furnish you with top-notch leads that can rapidly boost sales without hassle. 


By leveraging Managed Benefit Services’ assistance, you’ll be able to allocate more time towards pioneering the other elements of your enterprise! Krishen Iyer is the driving force behind MAIS Consulting. It is a company that provides tailored services from contract agreements to marketing strategies and policy-making for businesses looking for sustainable growth. 


His years of experience as CEO have propelled him to become an expert in this field, confidently guiding his clients toward their goals with assurance!


Breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of customer satisfaction is Krishen Iyer’s driving force. He is an ambitious entrepreneur dedicated to constantly searching for inventive methods to exceed expectations. As a top priority, he answers customers’ requests.


This, while investing enormous effort into cultivating uniquely tailored solutions. Mr. Iyer is a remarkable example of benevolence, selflessly donating his time and resources to assist Make-A-Wish Foundation. Also, at the reconstruction efforts in Haiti after its devastating earthquake. Krishen Iyer´s kind heartedness speaks volumes as he continues to impact lives around him for the greater good without thought of personal gain.