Alex A Molinaroli is the CEO of Chrysler, and he has a lot to say about sustainability and green energy. According to this article, “Molinaroli noted that his company’s investments in developing technologies for environmentally friendly vehicles are paying off.” He also says that they’ve set up partnerships with leading suppliers of renewable energies like solar power. In fact, Chrysler has recently been awarded a number of patents for environmentally-friendly vehicles that have solar cells in the roof.

It’s true that Chrysler is very green-friendly. They were named the most sustainable automotive corporation by Newsweek in 2015, and they’ve received many other certifications for responsible recycling practices. The results of their efforts are seen in the improvements they made with fuel economy over the past year. Their average EPA MPG rating has improved steadily since 2008 – from 20.8 to 25.3 MPG – despite the fact that they sell very popular vehicles like the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup and Chrysler Town & Country minivan. They’ve improved their fleet average by 4% over the past year, saving 7 million gallons of gasoline and 19,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions in 2015 according to Alex A Molinaroli.

This is the part where Molinaroli’s statement about sustainability and green energy becomes hypocritical. While he claims that Chrysler has invested in green technology, they’ve also invested heavily in diesels – which are anything but environmentally friendly.

While we appreciate that Chrysler is trying to do their part to be green, they still have some catching up to do. While “sustainable” is certainly better than “inefficient,” you can’t help but wonder if their efforts are really enough in the long run. It will take more than solar-powered windshield wipers on minivans and improved mileage ratings to save the planet. They’re doing well for themselves, but what about their customers?

Alex A Molinaroli also says that each of their vehicles is equipped with at least “10% recycled material.” He goes on to say, “We’re constantly looking to improve our vehicles’ efficiency and reduce environmental impact.” Overall, it’s clear that Chrysler is committed to their environmental conservation efforts.

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