Alex A Molinaroli is well known to have been part of the team that led to the success of Johnson Controls. He was in the corporation`s management for more than three decades till his retirement in 2017. During his term in Johnson Controls, he took part in the transformation of the enterprise by merging the firm with Tyco International. He also oversaw the firm`s transformation into a premium industrial corporation and expanded its territory in China.

Alex A Molinaroli was a solid and reliable leader, and from his experience, he learned that to be successful in your endeavors, you have to be authentic. Being original will help you achieve a lot, and if you choose to be otherwise, people can tell, and you will lose massively. Alex also believes in teamwork. He states that the journey is long, and you don`t need to be in a rush; instead, do everything systematically. You will require people by your side in the journey, and you must appreciate every team member. As a good leader, it would be best to spot the strengths in every individual and help them nurture it.

Like in any other business, communication is vital. As a responsible leader, you must put channels with which your team can air their grievances and opinions. In his career, Molinaroli spent a significant amount of time making business trips, and during his flights, he majorly reads books.

Some of the intriguing books are from the fictional turners by Stephen King and Tom Clancy`s suspense thrillers. While recommending some business books to ambitious entrepreneurs, Alex points out The Oz Principle; the book focuses on being accountable and positive. Another book he recommends is Stephen Covey`s Principle-centered Leadership. He read this book during his early days at Johnson, and he states that everyone has a unique ability that needs to be engaged.

Alex A Molinaroli is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, where he acquired his degree in computer and electrical engineering. Alex also has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management. He participated in creating the Electrification coalition and is a board member of Interstate Batteries.