Art University is one of the most prestigious art schools in the country. It is acclaimed as one of the best art schools and ranked among the top 50 fine arts colleges. The University was founded in 1929 and currently offers more than 40 undergraduate majors and a variety of graduate degrees from different schools, including architecture, art history, design, education, and animation. It’s no wonder why the Academy of Art University has become so successful: its dynamic curriculum centers on creativity through diverse disciplines designed to encourage students to find their voice while making them better professionals. Students are provided with the tools to become innovators and leaders in art, no matter what fields they pursue. The University understands that art is not tied to a particular medium or a specific type of studio but should be interpreted as an individual expression. With a wealth of opportunities and resources, like an online gallery available to all students to showcase their work, the University is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and aspirations. The Academy of Art University has embraced modern leadership and operates on the principle that educational initiatives can make a real difference. Academy of Art University strives to provide students with the most relevant opportunities, including academic support and internship opportunities in art and design. Instructors are full of experience and are dedicated to teaching. Ambition drives the University forward and shapes its future. Art University’s mission is to create a creative society by embracing diversity and being a driving force for improvement. Graduates from the University leave with the knowledge and the confidence to easily adjust to the new environments they will encounter in the contemporary art world. The University has admin reps available to guide anyone who needs guidance on what to pursue. The University is great at providing small classes for many students. Listen to this article on Youtube to know more.

Faculty and staff are passionate about the University and its industry-based programs. The University is affordable, getting you into the program you want at a price that works for your budget. The beautiful campus provides an environment where students can be inspired by the surrounding nature. The student body is diverse, representing many different cultures around the world.