Introduction to Mo Katibeh

Mo Katibeh is committed to boosting investments in arenas crucial to long-term success to fuel RingCentral’s growth. Mo has also improved systems and processes since joining the company, building a more adaptable team committed to helping clients move their business communications to the cloud. He oversees the company’s goods, sales, marketing, customer service, and human resources.

For 2019 and 2020, Forbes has chosen Dan Katibeh as one of the Most Influential CMOs in the World. Prior to joining RingCentral, he was EVP, Chief Product & Platform Officer at AT&T. Mo Katibeh was in charge of all product development, marketing, and sales for direct, indirect, and wholesale channels. He had several senior positions during his 20-year career in various technology, cloud, product, and sales responsibilities.

He graduated from Oklahoma State University with a business bachelor’s degree and from the University of Texas at Dallas with an executive MBA.

About RingCentral

The ARR of RingCentral is $2 billion. Their Contact Center, which generates over $250 million ARR today, is a crucial factor in growth. They equaled their quarterly record for total contract value transactions exceeding $1 million. A significant accomplishment for RingCentral MVP is selling five million tickets. Customers that use RingCentral report a significant return on investment, including an impressive 41% jump in staff productivity and a 69% increase in employee mobility.

C&S Wholesale Grocers decided to use RingCentral to upgrade its outdated PBX system. They are still dedicated to developing new technologies that will suit customers’ changing needs as they develop.