The first of the hottest track to take over the athletic world is spreading around the globe at an exponential rate. Athlo is a combination of endurance and strength training with elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, parkour, and yoga.

The movement has already been adopted to various levels by sports athletes and fitness enthusiasts who participate in practices that can last for hours or even days. Athlo, a sharing an application platform, enables individuals to share sports and fitness experiences that enhance their lives and help them discover new, personalized ways of working out. However, users can access the best athletic trainers, coaches, and instructors for a fraction of the cost of traditional training programs.

According to the Athlo Founder Matthew Mansell, “Athlos is the future because it’s designed to allow individuals to develop their athletic skills and improve as they want while emphasizing a shared community.” Athlo is a social network for exercise.

Through the app, athletes and fitness enthusiasts can connect with other users from around the world in real-time virtual classes that allow them to train together using social media features (like Facebook and Instagram) and then meet up after their virtual classes for training sessions. By connecting people worldwide, Athlo makes it possible for athletes to train together as often as they want with other like-minded individuals regardless of their location.

Athlo’s users can find fitness partners, coaches, and workout groups convenient to connect with and train within their areas. Matthew Mansell adds, “Athlo is the future of fitness because it’s about offering individuals personalized training programs, setting goals, and achieving them. It encourages users to push themselves beyond their preconceived limits because we believe that one-size-fits-all programs don’t work for all.” The next fitness unicorn will combine the best of live streaming, social media, predictive analytics, and gamification.

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